Amazing Facts In World

By | January 1, 2022

List Of. Amazing Facts In World

Sonu Nigam

Amazing Facts In World

Amazing Facts In World. Friends, once the famous Bollywood singer Sonu Nigam, disguised as a beggar, sat on the side of the road and started singing, In fact, Sonu Nigam wanted to see if people value the talent lying on the road You surprised to know that in a short time people heard his voice and a large crowd gathered there but no one recognized him, People were having a lot of fun but no one was coming forward to give money. Just then a person came there and they gave 12 rupees to Sonu Nigam for breakfast. After that Sonu Nigam went back home.

Later, when Sonu Nigam revealed his journey of becoming a fake beggar on social media, the boy found out that it was Sonu Nigam to whom he had given Rs12 in begging, The boy he met with Sonu Nigam also named Shahwaz Ali whose 12 rupees Sonu Nigam still keeps in his studio frame,

Bill Gates. Amazing Facts In World

Amazing Facts In World

When Bill Gates, the richest man in the world, got the Golden Play Button from YouTube, he opened the Golden Play Button and said thank you to one million subscribers, Do you know that Bill Gates is such a rich man that if he How much money will fall from the bank, they will not bend down and carry it, Research has shown that if Rs. They will earn much more than that, but stop, if the money falls and scatter, they will not pick it up, If the money is in a bag, they will pick it up. THE TRUSTED FACTS

Mr Beast. Amazing Facts In World

Amazing Facts In World

Friends, this man buried himself alive for two days. Yes, friends, this feat done by a famous youtuber named mr beast. You shocked to see what he did. Mr beast first from jcb They dug a 9 feet deep pit and then took water blankets, pillows and oxygen and lay down in a reflecting coffin and buried God in the ground for 50 hours Kar taken out and he in perfect health, His deed viewed by more than 138 million people on his YouTube channel.

Sheikh Hamdan. Amazing Facts In World

Amazing Facts In World

Friends, once Crown Prince Sheikh Hamdan of Dubai went out of his house to go somewhere and he saw that a pair of birds had built a nest on his bearded Mercedes with his egg in it, then Crown Prince, You will become a fan of the prince when you hear what he said, Guards installed and not only that but also a cameraman installed to record this beautiful moment in the camera which could record all the moments from the egg to the hatching.

Burj Al Arab

Amazing Facts In World

Burj Al Arab a 7 star hotel in Dubai owned by Shaikh Muhammad bin Rashid, Vice President and Prime Minister of Dubai, The 321-meter-high hotel built on an artificial island in the middle of the water between 1994 and 1999. It built by more than 2,000 workers and more than 250 designers at a cost of one billion dollars. The tower of this hotel constructed at a cost of Rs. 900 million. 900 tons of steel has been used while the design inside made of 24 carat gold. Let me tell you that the roof of this hotel made in Finland. It built in 6 pieces and brought to Dubai.

There is also a waterfall inside which water rises up to 130 feet and there are three aquariums on each side of the hotel lobby, There are fifty kinds of fish in it. Friends, a night’s stay here costs a thousand dollars. ARIF TV


Amazing Facts In World

Friends, Dubai is a city where people prefer to raise lions and leopards rather than dogs and cats as pets, and did you know that the most expensive cars in the world you will find only in Dubai. The rich man can gauged from the fact that the Dubai police also use the most expensive vehicles like the Ferrari Lamborghini Bogatti, Wrong because most of Dubai’s income comes from tourism real estate and business here and Dubai is a city where people do not have to pay income tax so most of the businessmen do their business in Dubai, And let me tell you – the people of Dubai are very keen on gold, so in Dubai you get to see the Atm of Gold.

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