Bharat Ke Desi Jugaad

By | January 13, 2022

LIST OF. Desi Jugaad

Bharat Ke Desi Jugaad. Friends, our people here have no shortage of talent. The whole world has progressed, but our people have made indigenous efforts to save money to meet their needs. The world is full of such talented people There are those who can change the map of the whole world with their works.

No One. Desi Jugaad

Friends, first meet this little student. The name of this child is Darshan. Darshan’s mother used to go to people’s houses and wash clothes and one day she fell ill. The child of the year made a washing machine out of desi jagaar. Darshan did not use anything special in making this washing machine but he made this machine with a big can, a bicycle and an iron net. The machine is also very easy to operate. All you have to do is put the clothes in the iron net and start moving the pedals of the bicycle with your hands or feet. Just wash your clothes in minutes. Youtube

No Two. Desi Jugaad

Friends, when we go to a chicken shop, it takes a long time to get the feathers out of the chicken body and we can’t do anything without waiting After installing many pipes, the pedal of the bus was turned and the chicken was completely cleaned. The Trusted Facts

No Three. Desi Jugaad

In the past, farmers used to make a thin layer in the field which made the birds think that there is a human being standing there but now the times have changed and now the birds go and sit on the same thin layer. His invention is keeping the birds away from the field. He fixed a plate with a fan and also planted a piece of wood which is rotating with the fan to make a sound. Don’t get lost, friends. Have you ever done something awake? Comment and tell us.

No Four. Desi Jugaad

Friends, see how the farmers are mowing the grass with their bikes. See how they run the wheel of the mower with the tires of their bikes. Friends, many people can do this even with their bicycles.

No Five. Desi Jugaad

Friends, climbing trees has been very difficult from the beginning. Many people have lost their lives while climbing tall trees, but now we introduce you to a farmer and his son who together with a tree climbing machine. Made with this machine, any person can easily climb a tree and can stop this machine with the help of brakes wherever he wants. Friends, this machine is also very easy to operate. Friends, what big companies cannot do. That work was done by this farmer and his son.

No Six. Desi Jugaad

Friends, what do you call this technique? They have found a new way to spread water in the field. They have taken a moving fan and fitted a water pipe on it.

No Seven. Desi Jugaad

Friends, now look at them. Carrying bricks to the top is a game of their left hand. Carrying bricks requires a lot of labor which takes a lot of time but they have come up with a different solution. There is a perfect desi awakening.

No Eight. Desi Jugaad

Friends, everyone is eager to eat kiln, but it is very difficult to separate its grains, but look at this indigenous awakening, in a few seconds, all the grains of the whole kiln are being separated from it. We will definitely tell you in the comments how quickly we separate.

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