Lifestyle Of Dubai Prince

By | January 4, 2022

List Of. Lifestyle Of Dubai Prince

Lifestyle Of Dubai Prince. Friends, as we have seen in many movies, the sheikhs of Dubai shown to be very rich and this is also true because they just need an excuse to think of spending their immense wealth and not the common man here, They don’t even have the money to bring home rations and the sheikhs of Dubai have to think about where to spend their wealth and from here their luxury and luxury is not like that, They spend their money like this That they become a big news corn all over the world and their weird and weird way of spending this money we will tell you in this article how eager the sheikhs of Dubai are.

The wedding of the sheikhs of Dubai. Lifestyle Of Dubai Prince

Lifestyle Of Dubai Prince

Friends, as we have just told you that the sheikhs of Dubai so eager, so you can imagine how much money they would spend on an occasion like their wedding whenever a sheikh gets married in Dubai, At least Rs 80-90 crore spent on their weddings, There will be nothing in the world that you will not find here to eat and what about the guest and when the guests are so special then obviously, We normal people also start giving special treatment to our special guests. So this the guest of the sheikhs for their special treatment big hotels, booked for them royal food prepared,

And we have even heard that they often give expensive cars to their guests as a return gift. In their weddings, crores of rupees spent only on bouquets of flowers, It said that the wedding of sheikhs lasts for a week, And in this one week their guest what they want. ARIF TV

Hobby of building tall buildings. Lifestyle Of Dubai Prince

Lifestyle Of Dubai Prince

Friends, Sheikh of Dubai is also famous for big buildings because he wants to show the whole world how rich they are by constructing such a tall building Telling the world that Dubai is at the forefront of construction in the world and this is true because Dubai is famous for building the tallest buildings in the world, Now you remember the name of Burj Khalifa, The Burj Khalifa is the world’s tallest building, 828 meters long and cost about 8 billion to build. Burj Khalifa is world famous, but whenever you go to Dubai you confused because no building is small there,

You will see each building bigger than the other so the Sheikhs of Dubai famous for building big buildings and at the same time more than one hotel has been built in Dubai the burj al arab Dubai’s largest seven star hotel Once upon a time it used to the tallest hotel in the world but recently a new hotel has been built next to it called Gevora Hotel which considered to the tallest hotel in the world today. going, THE TRUSTED FACTS

Vehicle vip numbers. Lifestyle Of Dubai Prince

Lifestyle Of Dubai Prince

Friends, as we have just told you, the sheikhs have so much money that they do not know where to spend it and they keep coming up with new ways to show off their splendor to the world, Whether it’s buying expensive cars or getting unique vip numbers for cars, yes friends, getting vip numbers for cars is a way for sheikhs to show the whole world how rich they are in the sheikhs of Dubai To show how rich they are and to show that they buy vip numbers of cars and the value of vip numbers of these cars is not less than crores-

Bids made for regular car number plates in Dubai. In which big businessmen come to bid. Once a sheikh had bid Rs. 20 million for a bid to get a number plate and when he asked, he replied that he should always take number one, That’s why they have spent so much money. It is a wonderful thing that many of you are not thinking that we can buy ten cars for that much, That is the difference between our country and Dubai,

Flight tickets for Hawks too. Lifestyle Of Dubai Prince

Lifestyle Of Dubai Prince

You all know Hoax. Yes, we are talking about falcon which is the favorite bird of Dubai sheikhs. Most of the time we have seen it in movies. The eagle is definitely visible because just like in our country we make most of the dogs our pets, in the same way we always keep the sheikh of Dubai with us, these sheikhs do not leave them anywhere, Then even if it is a matter of going out of their country, see how a sheikh has booked a seat next to him and has his favorite eagle seated on it and not only that,

once a sheikh was going to another country. So he took 80 of his arms with him. And for them they had also booked a regular seat in the special flight and now the airlines have also allowed them to take 6 arms with them at once, Not even showing off your money.

Love arabic horses

Lifestyle Of Dubai Prince

Friends, there another way for rich people to spend money and that to invest money in horse races and this also the hobby of Dubai sheikhs but this hobby of Dubai sheikhs not only to spend money on horse races but also to give them their Arabic, Horses loved that their accommodation no less than that of a 5 star hotel. When you look at the accommodation of horses, you will know how sheikhs spend crores of rupees on their Arabian horses, They have all kinds of luxuries in their living space. It said that the monthly expenditure on food for these horses is not less than one million rupees, and when one horse wins more races It built on every corner of Dubai that you have seen in Dubai,

Manchester City, England

Lifestyle Of Dubai Prince

Friends Sheikh of Dubai likes Manchester in England very much and they are very famous for their shopping malls because the city of Manchester in England now you are thinking that Sheikhs of Dubai can find shopping malls in other cities also, What’s so significant about a goat’s head is that a survey shows that all of Manchester’s shopping malls are so close to the big hotels there that sheikhs go to shopping malls. You don’t have to walk much, yes, you heard, you don’t have to walk much, so sheikhs go to Manchester more and there is a river in Manchester where sheikhs love to do board riding and many times sheikhs book the whole board and They party all night long

Things made of gold

Lifestyle Of Dubai Prince

Friends, now that there is so much money, the sheikhs must be wondering where to spend it. They have come up with a new way. They use things made of gold to spend their money. Everyone from cars to mobiles make gold Sheikh Sheikh’s car collection has many cars, like Rolls-Royce Lamborghini Mercedes in which he has put gold in his mobile phone also has gold in it,

Invest in football

Lifestyle Of Dubai Prince

Friends, you must have understood that just like the rich people in our country invest money in cricket, the sheikhs have got a new hobby, It the hobby of investing money in football, They spend their time there and there a big football club in the same city called Manchester Manchester city football club And the owners of this club are also Sheikh,

Manchester city the biggest club in England in today’s history and you would surprised to know that the coach of this club currently being paid the highest salary in the world which People who football fans know where Manchester City used to and today Manchester City become the biggest bear club in the world at the cost of money, Friends, money a very big thing, If there money, a person can do anything. You must have heard that saying. Father not the biggest brother, the biggest rupee.

Sheikh’s children’s hobbies

Lifestyle Of Dubai Prince

Friends, now that Papa has so much money, the children will not be happy. Now that you have seen that Sheikh spends so much on God and his hobby, just think how much he will spend on his children because the poorest of the poor, He also tries his best to give every happiness to his children, then he is the sheikh and he has all the wealth of the world, the hobbies of the children of the sheikh are even more unique and high,

Now Papa is so rich that he can gift anything to his children. Many sheikhs have even gifted their children to private aircraft. In the house of these sheikhs, their children will have all kinds of toys of the world. They make swimming pools. Little children roam in big cars. There is no place in the world where the children of these sheikhs have not seen. Let’s play with them, half of us would terrified just by listening to them, but this all a game of money, sir

Spending money on the world’s superstars

Lifestyle Of Dubai Prince

Friends, meeting a movie star is a dream of all of us, but many of us are such people that if we meet these superstars, we can’t even see them live, but in the case of sheikhs, it is the other way around, If they want to meet, they do not go to meet him, but they invite these superstars to meet him by paying a asking price. The actor had spent more than Rs 40 crore to meet the superstar. And not only that, but many times he seen chatting with American middlemen and it also said that he likes Bollywood stars very much, He spends time with Bollywood’s female stars, It’s great to do, they eat, money doesn’t buy everything.

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